Maps and Plans

  • Item No.: A204-22 (Click to View PLAN) Marker: 19-602
    Date: 1968-12 Location: MAP-A6
    Title: Lotting plan: Town of Berkshire.
    Details: Copy of Original, A. Hull and L. Royce, August, 1842. Recopied December 1968 by N.S. Morgan, Department of Forests and Parks.
  • Item No.: A204-71 (Click to View PLAN) Marker: 19-604
    Date: 1947-05 Location: MAP-A7
    Title: Fairfax.
    Details: With a few additions from the land records, the map hereon is a true copy of General Joseph Beeman's map of Fairfax, long in custody of the Fairfax town clerk (figures not legible are in parentheses) copied December 26, 1911 by J.H. Dewart, Civ. Eng. Burlington, Vt. (may actually be F. H. Dewart). Traced by J.G. Weir of Fairfax, Vt. May 1947.
  • Item No.: A204-72 (Click to View PLAN) Marker: 19-605
    Date: 1947-03-04 Location: MAP-A7
    Title: Map of Fairfield and Smithfield, Vt.
    Details: Copy from the originally plotted map in Book A, Fairfield Records 1890 - 1903 made by F. H. Dewart October. 1904, and traced March 4, 1947 by R.A. F.
  • Item No.: A204-77 (Click to View PLAN) Marker: 19-606
    Date: 1915 Location: MAP-A7
    Title: Plan to show the town line of Fletcher - Waterville.
    Details: Surveyed pursuant to the votes of said towns for selectmen: F. I. Smith, G. R. Gillman, and U. F. Nevins of Fletcher and C.D. Leach, Henry Olin, and M. L. David of Waterville by F.H. Dewart - Civil Engineer August - October 1915.
  • Item No.: A204-78 (Click to View PLAN) Marker: 19-607
    Date: 1980-08 Location: MAP-A7
    Title: Map of Franklin formerly Huntsburgh.
    Details: Copied from a map made for the proprietors by Adolphus Walbridge who surveyed said town of Franklin then Huntsburgh in 1788, by Joseph Beeman, May 31, 1838. The map was subsequently copied for the selectmen by John Webster January 1904. The map was recopied for the Vermont Department of Forests and Parks by B. F. Hoffman February 1968 and copied again by J. Paul Coates August 1980.
  • Item No.: A204-86 (Click to View PLAN) Marker:
    Date: 1896 Location: MAP-A7
    Title: Map of Georgia.
    Details: Copied from the proprietors map by john Johnson in 1816, and recopied by order of the Town of Georgia by F. H. Dewart March 1896.
  • Item No.: A204-95 (Click to View PLAN) Marker: 19-609
    Date: 1968 Location: MAP-A7
    Title: Highgate, Vermont.
    Details: From actual survey exhibiting the town and lots, numbers of lots, names of inhabitants, adjoining towns, streams, bays, et cetera by John Johnson, County Surveyor. Copied by John G. Saxe, George Y. Best, "Mert" Burns, assisted by L. St. John, 1968.
  • Item No.: A204-97 (Click to View PLAN) Marker:
    Date: 1957-01 Location: MAP-A7
    Title: Highgate, Vermont.
    Details: From actual survey exhibiting the town and lot lines, number of each lot and names of the inhabitants, also the roads, streams, creeks, bays, et cetera. By John Johnson, County Surveyor, accurately copied by John G. Saxe, Surveyor, October 11, 1841; recopied by George Y. Best, March 14, 1884; recopied and supplemented from data in the Archives of the Secretary of State, Montpelier, by Arthur Silvester, January 1957.
  • Item No.: A204-128 (Click to View PLAN) Marker: 19-610
    Date: 1964-01-28 Location: MAP-A8
    Title: Montgomery, Vermont.
    Details: Includes lands formerly in the towns of Avery's Gore and Lowell. This map was made for the selectmen of the town of Montgomery by F.H. Dewart, Surveyor, February 1898, plotted to the scale of 40 chains to the inch from information on a photostat of the original at the Department of Public Records. Replotted and drawn by Norman E. Greene, Vermont Department of Forests and Parks, January 28, 1964.
  • Item No.: A204-165 (Click to View PLAN) Marker: 19-611
    Date: 1954-10-26 Location: MAP-A8
    Title: Richford, Vermont.
    Details: A correct plan of the town of Richford from actual survey in 1822 and 1823 by Joseph Beeman. Copy made from original by F.H. Dewart, January 1900. This copy traced from copy of Dewart's tracing by N. Greene and W. Lowe, Vermont Forest Service, October 26, 1954.
  • Item No.: A204-174 (Click to View PLAN) Marker: 19-613
    Date: 1968-02-19 Location: MAP-A9
    Title: Lotting plans: St. Albans, Vermont.
    Details: Copied from an ancient plan by F. H. Dewart, civil engineer from Burlington, Vermont 1911 and traced by B. F. Hoffman for the Vermont Department of Forests and Parks, February 19, 1968.
  • Item No.: A204-181 (Click to View PLAN) Marker: 19-614
    Date: 1968-02-13 Location: MAP-A9
    Title: Sheldon, Vermont.
    Details: Traced from map drawn from original survey of Timothy Rodgers by B. Barton, February 13, 1968.
  • Item No.: A204-200 (Click to View PLAN) Marker: 19-615
    Date: 1967-04-17 Location: MAP-A9
    Title: Lotting plan: Town of Swanton.
    Details: Copied by Michael Kerin, April 17, 1967.
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