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Boundary Dispute: Full account of the Leicester - Salisbury town line dispute; Affidavits used; and Plans. 1779 - 1838
Vendues: Extended abstracts for many towns; Deeds, and Sales. 1779 - 1838
Plans: Central Vermont towns, in outline; lotting of many towns. 1779 - 1838
Surveys: Part of Connecticut River, Various Bounds. 1779 - 1838
Areas: Of all towns, systematically by counties; List of lands exempt, for P.B. Hall, Sheriff and Collector, Chittenden County. 1779 - 1838
Bounds: For many towns, alterations, etc. 1779 - 1838
Proprietors: Lists of names from many towns; Joint meeting of unorganized towns in orange County, 1787, etc. 1779 - 1838
Charters: Several copies of town charters. 1779 - 1838
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