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Record Series: SE-132
Container Number: SE132-00001b
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Vendues: Records showing taxes, vendues, and pitches thereunder. 1779 - 1838
Surveys: Includes surveys made, and to be made of town lines, rivers, lottings, and pitches. 1779 - 1838
Proprietors: Lists of names from several towns and records related to the activities or "Doings" of the Proprietor's Meeting. 1779 - 1838
Plans: Outlines of most towns, with letters from town clerk or proprietor's clerk, furnishing data from which to make the State Plan - in response to Resolution of 1790, which finally allowed extension of time till March 1, 1794. 1779 - 1838
Commissions: Records relating to commissions as Surveyor General , Deputy Surveyor General, Census Commissioner, and Road Commissioner. Also includes comparisons of distances from several towns to Newbury, Bennington, and Montpelier. 1779 - 1838
Charters: Several copies of town charters; Resolutions granting charters and List of Vermont Grants. 1779 - 1838
Bounds: Records related to the boundary lines for many New Hampshire, New York and Vermont Grants. 1779 - 1838
Areas: By towns, distinguishing taxable and "public, pious, and charitable" lands. 1779 - 1838
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