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Record Series: A-071
Container Number: A071-00028
Description of File Contents Date Range File ID
Bicentennial Beaker Set by Crownsons Pewterware -
Bicentennial Christmas Tree Ornament by Topperscot, Inc. -
Bicentennial Headband by "Turtle Fur", a Division of Brystie, Inc. -
Bicentennial Notepads by Budget Industries -
Bicentennial Stickers by Creative Labels of Vermont, Inc. -
Bicentennial Tie (2) by Schreter Neckwear -
Bicentennial Maple Syrup / Candy containers by Maple Grove Farms -
Bicentennial Bat by Moot Woodturnings -
Bicentennial Candle by Topperscot, Inc. -
Bicentennial Santa (hand carved wood) by Betty and Gene Horton -
Bicentennial Flags (4) -
Bicentennial Paperweights (Vermont) (wooden, 1 small, 1 large) -
Bicentennial Plaque (wooden) -
Bicentennial Pewter Porringer by Danforth Pewterers -
Maple Syrup in Bicentennial Pint Jug by Maple Grove Farms of Vermont -
Bicentennial Place Mat -
Hood Holiday Milk Carton (2) advertising Bicentennial License Plate -
Bicentennial Word Puzzle by Jean M. Rice -
Bicentennial Map of Georgia, Vermont -
Bicentennial Banner by William O'Connor -
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