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"It's Snowing in Vermont" (Frost) Demo--Cleary -
Enjoying the Peace: A Bicentennial Song by C. White, East Montpelier -
Commemorative License Plate Public Service Announcements: (1 cassette and 2 CD's) 1. State Pride; 2. Two Hundred Years -
Switchboard: "Vermont's Bicentennial" -
Vermont Anthems: Jesse Baker -
"This...Is Vermont" with Nedene Martin -
The Vermont Bicentennial Minute: Pilot Program -
Music of Gwyneth Walker -
Gwyneth Walker: Braintree Quintet -
"I Love Vermont" Lyrics and Music by Paul Ippolito -
"You Can't Get There From Here" (2 cassettes and 1 CD) -
WSYB Senior Citizens -
"Dear Old Vermont State" by Gerald and Paul Aubin -
The Vermont Town Band, Gene Childers, Conductor -
Vermont Secession Debates, February 19, 1990 - Press Conference with Frank Bryan / John Dooley -
"Vermont Forevergreen" - Jack Honig -
"We The People" -- John Allen, John Clifton -
Margaret MacArthur with Duxbury Elementary School Students, February 1991 -
Carl Rowan at Old South Church, Windsor, January 20, 1992 -
Vote NO! with Thomas Schall (2 cassettes) -
"All Things Considered" "Vote NO!", March 24, 1988 -
School Bus Program, Derby Elementary School -
Bicentennial Public Service Announcement: Rough Draft -
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