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Series: SE-158
Agency/Dept.: Vermont. Dept. of Tourism and Marketing.
Series Title: Department of Tourism and Marketing films and audiotapes, circa 1938-1995.
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SE-04140 Titles: The Vermont Backroad; Destination Vermont; Play Vermont; Roundup in Vermont; Ski Footage; Lake Champlain Valley Highway of History; Lake Champlain Ferries; Sherman Hollow; Bolton Valley; Ascutney Mountain Resort; Interstate Opening 1959; Vermont's Industrial Picture 1961; Racquetball / Dining Footage 1954 - 1988
SE-04141 Titles: Bolton Valley Sleigh Ride / Jacuzzi; Cabot / Cabot Creamery; Champlain College; Rossignol Cross Country Skiing; A Proud Tradition: Pure Vermont Maple; A Heritage of Excellence: Vermont Dairy Products; A Lot Goes On; Vermont Summer; Alpine; Clock; Color It White, Call it Stowe; Eastern States Exposition; Cross County Ski Footage; Killington Ski Resort; Constitution Town Meeting 1960 - 1991
SE-04142 Titles: Background for Living; Fall Scenics raw footage 1950 - 1960
SE-04143 Titles: Choosing Our Tomorrows; Color It White, Call It Stowe; Cow Ad / Gasoline / Travel; Vermont Traveler; Eastern States Exposition; Expo '66; Lumberjack Roundup; Lyndon Johnson at Burlington; Expo '67; Fall / Winter stock footage; Fishing / Barre Granite Quarries; State Legislature; Girl Scout Roundup; Green Mountain Summer; ESPN with Governor (1992); July in Vermont; Radio Commercials including "Here in Vermont" 1961 - 1990
SE-04144 Titles: Destination Vermont; Stock footage: Montral / Mad River Skiing / Mount Snow / Deer Hunting; Man on Street Interviews; July in Vermont; Green Mountain Power "Quality"; Lake Champlain Balloon Festival; Miraculous Maple Tree WCAX News clips ; Legends of American Skiing; Moonlight in Vermont; Our Amazing Beavers 1961 - 1985
SE-04145 Titles: Destination Vermont; Morgan Horse Farm; Ours to Keep; Choosing Our Tomorrows; Okemo Pro Race; Out Takes; Summer 1950 - 1993
SE-04146 Titles: Destination Vermont; Expo '67; Ski Week footage; State of Vermont Values 1987, 1988; Alpine; Nordic; Big Better Best; Ski It; Winter Television Commercial Archive 1967 - 1992
SE-04147 Titles: Expo '67; Good Time Skiing; Green Mountain Land; Home Country; State of Vermont "Values"; Summer Values; Here in Vermont; Winter Television Commercial; Stratton 1967 - 1992
SE-04148 Titles: Home Country; Industrial Philadelphia; Vermont's Industrial Picture; Journey of a Tree; Miraculous Maple Tree 1958 - 1968
SE-04149 Titles: Miraculous Maple Tree; New England Portrait; Northern New England; One Thousand Hills; Stratton; Summer '90 1960 - 1990
SE-04150 Titles: Our Amazing Beavers; Ours to Keep; Play Vermont; Summer Values; Vermont's Green Season; Summer / Fall / Winter Television Commercials; Winter Information Program; The Winter Season; Southern Vermont Summer 1951 - 1987
SE-04151 Titles: New England's Heritage Trail; Play Vermont; Roundup in Vermont; Vermont Day at Expo; Indians Making Canoes at Manowan, Quebec; Show Window of the East; Ski Tracks to Vermont; Summer Television Campaign 1990; Stay Another Day; Take A trip Around Vermont; Visitors to Vermont; Traveling Vermont 1958 - 1990
SE-04152 Titles: Ski Tracks to Vermont; Ski Vermont 1958 - 1958
SE-04153 Titles: Thanks to Vermont; Stock footage: Brookfield Floating Bridge / Farm Scenes / North Beach / Burlington Airport; Story of the Morrisville Airport 1950 - 1960
SE-04154 Titles: Vermont Employment Security; Ski New England; Winter Essay; Ski Vermont; The Green Season; Summer Values 1956 - 1987
SE-04155 Titles: State of Vermont Values; Values of Summer; Vermont Green Season; Television Commercials Archive; WPTZ News clips: Sweetheart's Dance / Wizard of Loneliness / Burlington Aerial footage / Marketfest; Trouble With Harry; State Line Potato Chips Travel Tips; White Water Champions; Vermont's Industrial Picture; Vermont: New England's West Coast; Voice Demo for Vermont Ski Areas Association 1960 - 1992
SE-04156 Titles: Vermont's Industrial Picture; Vermont Maple Story; Vermont: New England's West Coast; What is Vermont?; Summer Public Service Announcements; Vermont Remote; Welcome to Lake Champlain 1960 - 1992
SE-04157 Titles: Vermont Ski Story; Vermont Vacation Story; Vermont Green Season; Vermont Maple Story 1961 - 1988
SE-04158 Titles: Vermont New Maple Sugar Section; Vermont Feel; Summer; Vermont Bicycle Touring; Vermont's Winter Season; Winter; Winter Skiing; Winter Television Commercial; Winter Information Program; Killington 1956 - 1988
SE-04159 Titles: Vermont: A Special World - July in Vermont; Inns and Dining raw footage; Opening the Doors Wider to the Special World of Vermont; Norwich University / Vermont College; LCT; Eathpeace Film Festival; Signs, Signs; Harris Hill Ski Jump; Volvo International; Summer '91; Summer Co - op; Vermont Film Bureau window dubs; Winter; Vermont's Northeast Kingdom; Tangents; State of Vermont Values, Fall 1988; Singapore Tour Package; When You Ski You Are The Wind; Video Viewbook; WPTZ News - Margaret Whiting; Education for a High - Tech World; Ski Week; Health Club / Winter raw footage; Sugarbush Resorts; Ski It Vermont / Vermont Ski Areas Association BIG 1986 - 1992
SE-04160 Titles: State of Vermont Values 1988; Southern Vermont Scenes; State Tourism raw footage; Shelburne Museum; Bus Videos; Destination Vermont; Fall Foliage; Winter Skiing; Maple Segment 1987 - 1988
SE-04161 Titles: Vermont's Green Season; Destination Vermont; July in Vermont; Vermont Summer; Vermont: Skiing in its Finest State; Vermont: A Special World - Vermont Autumn; Shelburne Museum Round Barn; Winter Scenes, Bill Koch Cross Country 4 - season slide show; Vermont; Country Inns of Vermont; Smuggler's Notch, Vermont; Radio New England Magazine; Ski It To Believe It / Trouble With Harry; Ski Vacation Package 1982 - 1992
SE-04162 Titles: American Adventurer #001; Festivals and Summer; Tangents; Vermont; Vermont at its Peak / Magic U.S.A. - Stowe; Tucker Hill Lodge; Vermont Color; Vermont Food Products (Across the Fence); Vermont is Where….; Vermont: Skiing in its Finest State; Summer '92; Vermont's Northeast Kingdom; We Guarantee Kids Fun!; Winter Television Commercial 1991 - 1993
SE158-00001 This Week in Vermont (13 videotapes), 1998 - 1999. 1998 - 1999
SE158-00002 Casino Hearing and Panel Discussion (2 videotapes 1995); This Week in Vermont (2 videotapes 1999); SOV conditions (9 videotapes 2000 - 2001). 1995 - 2001
SE158-00003 13 videotapes, circa 1990's 1990 - 1999
SE158-00004 13 videotapes, 1994 - 2001. 1994 - 2001
SE158-00005 13 videotapes, circa 1995 - 2002. 1995 - 2002
SE158-00006 11 videotapes, circa 1995 - 2001. 1995 - 2001
SE158-00007 2 videotapes: 1994, 2000. 1994 - 2000
SE158-00031 Video copies of Archives films made by Art Donahue, WCVB TV, June 1996. 0 - 0
SE158-00032 Betacam Broadcast Masters - copies of Archives films made by Art Donahue, WCVB TV, June 1996. 0 - 0
SE158-00033 16 mm films: Water Ski Shots, Girl Scouts, Deer Hunting, Skiing, Fred and Peter fishing. 0 - 0
SE158-00034 16 mm film: Vermont Maple Story (Master copy), undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00035 16 mm film: Eastern States Exposition Story, undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00036 16 mm film: Miraculous Maple Tree, undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00037 16 mm film: Vermont Ski Story (MacIver), undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00038 16 mm film: Journey of a Tree, undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00039 16 mm film: A New England Fall Folio, undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00040 16 mm film: Northern New England, An Invitation, undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00041 16 mm film: Northern New England, An Invitation (English version), undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00042 16 mm film: Northern New England, An Invitation (French version), undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00043 16 mm film: Vermont Vacation Story (Master copy), undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00044 16 mm film: Vermont Vacation Story (Master copy no. 2), undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00045 16 mm film: Vermont Vacation Story (Master copy no. 3), undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00046 16 mm film: Vermont Vacation Story, undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00047 16 mm film: Romance of Early American Furniture, undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00048 16 mm film: Round-up in Vermont, undated. 0 - 0
SE158-00049 16mm film: Play Vermont, 1954. 1954 - 1954
SE158-00050 16mm film: Thanks to Vermont (color), undated. -
SE158-00051 16mm film: Home Country (color with sound), undated. -
SE158-00052 16mm film: Background for Living, color, undated. -
SE158-00053 16mm film: Thanks to Vermont, master, color, undated. Reel 1 of 5. -
SE158-00054 16mm film: Thanks to Vermont, master, color, undated. Reel 2 of 5. -
SE158-00055 16mm film: Thanks to Vermont, master, color, undated. Reel 3 of 5. -
SE158-00056 16mm film: Thanks to Vermont, master, color, undated. Reel 4 of 5. -
SE158-00057 16mm film: Thanks to Vermont, master, color, undated. Reel 5 of 5. -
SE158-00058 16mm film: 1961 Vermont State Legislature. 1961 - 1961
SE158-00059 16mm film: Green Mountain Land. 1951 - 1951
SE158-00060 5 videotapes, circa 1980s. 0 - 0
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