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Series: SE-029
Agency/Dept.: Vermont. Governor.
Series Title: Governor's correspondence, 1906-1977.
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F-05000 1968 - 1969: Campaign news releases, Lt. Gov. Daley (Taxes), Democratic platform (1968), GOP matters (advertising budget, etc.), Hayes campaign schedules, photographs (mainly DCD campaigning), radio spots, radio and TV, Republican platform, Social Welfare Study Committee, speeches (1968), state and town committee rosters, survey and vote tabulations (Primary, 1966), team photograph, Waterman Bridge (Johnson, covered), appointments, appointments (suggested), inauguration (information and planning), press relations, press conferences, press releases (1968), press releases (1969), questionnaires, resumes, statements and issues, taxation, Welcome Wagon to Vermont, ETV petitions, guaranteed income and poverty, and racial issues. 1968 - 1969
F-05001 1968 - 1969: Office of Economic Opportunity. 1969: addresses, anti-crime crusade (Indianapolis), Atomic: Energy Commission panel, drop-out program, Eastern States Exposition (1969), Economic Development Conference, educational building facilities, Ian McHarg (ecologist), New Hampshire Governors’ Conference on Nuclear Energy, Nixon inauguration (1968 - 1969), press conferences (questions), radio series, Representatives (master listing, 1969), retirement letters, Republican governors, rules of House and Senate (joint rules), Senators (master listing, 1969), Vermont Symphony Orchestra, North Country Tours, Tours with Governor Davis, southern Vermont tours (follow-up), WRJ State House tour, and Status of Women (continued on Reel F-5002). 1968 - 1969
F-05002 1969: Status of women (continued from previous reel), Connecticut Valley National Recreation Area, Environmental Control Commission, inter-agency committee (natural resources), Machiasport, New England Board of Higher Education, New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission, natural resources, nuclear power plant, Office of Local Affairs, and pollution control. 1969 - 1969
F-05003 1969: Housing Authority, Industrial Building Authority, Industrial Park Authority, Judicial Council, Judicial Selection Board, Board of National Forests, Pan-Mutual Racing Commission, Public Service Board, Racing Commission, State Recreation Board, Soldiers’ Home in Vermont, Vermont State Colleges (alumni survey and placement of graduates), student affairs, and Student Assistance Corporation. 1969 - 1969
F-05004 1969: Aeronautics Board, Alcohol Rehabilitation Board, Central Planning Office, Commission o Human Rights, Constitutional Convention, correctional facilities improvement assistance, Drug Rehabilitation Commission, Educational Buildings Finance Agency, Educational TV Broadcasting Council, Employees Retirement Board, Employees Labor Relations Bo d, Free Public Library Board, Historic Sites Board, Home Mortgage Credit Agency, Northeast Airlines, rehabilitation of the Pavilion Hotel, Veterans’ Day (1969), Correspondence with President Nixon, Correspondence with Vice-president Agnew, Department of Administration, Advisory Committee on Administration Coordination, Budget and Management Division, Bundy Art Gallery, Committee on Administrative Coordination (Reorganization), August De Bard, Jr., debt service requirements, Finance Division, Vermont finances, Personnel Division, state government reorganization, John Simon (special assistant to Commissioner French), State Buildings Division, supervisors of unorganized towns and gores, teachers’ retirement (Board of Trustees), State Library (Board of Trustee ), and Vermont Council of the Arts. 1969 - 1969
F-05005 1969: Vermont State Employee Association, Atomic Energy Commission meeting, Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Commission, Emergency Board Interdepartmental Council on Aging, Governor’s Commission on Crime Control and Prevention, Governor’s Committee on Employment of Handicapped, Higher Education Facilities Commission, Interagency Committee on Natural Resources, and Department of Agriculture (continued on reel F-5006). 1969 - 1969
F-05006 1969: Department of Agriculture, Department of Banking and Insurance, Department of Corrections, County Clerks, farm problems, intergovernmental relations, county court judges, probate judges, New England Council, State Prison, State’s Attorney, truth in lending, Weeks School. 1968 - 1969: Budget (Executive Department), Education, Adult basic Education (A.B.E.), St. Albans School Problem, and State Aid for Education. 1968 - 1969
F-05007 1968 - 1969: Employment Security equalization of property taxes, maps of ground water favorability, private schools (primary, secondary and parochial), sales tax, Department of Taxes, Department of Water Resources and state program grant application (Water Pollution Control Plan). 1969: Department of Development (continued on reel F-5008). 1968 - 1969
F-05008 1969: Department of Development, Eastern States Exposition, Department of Education, industrial development, land development land sales (centralized information), Harry M. Loudon, Machine To 1 Week, Time Magazine article: “Cry, Vermont,” Windham Regional planning and Development Commission. 1969 - 1970: news releases (1969), news releases by J.T. Newlin (1968 - 1969), briefings to the Governor on news releases, weekly newspaper reports, weekly radio reports, speeches (1969 - 1970), monthly TV report, press corps, Harvey Carter, and James Jeffords. 1968 - 1970
F-05009 1969 (bulk): Attorney General, Auditor of Accounts, Canada (courtesies), Civil and Military Affairs (correspondence), correspondence (February 1969 – March 1969), geology, labor relations, League of Women Voters of Vermont, Lieutenant Governor, memo file, Denning Miller, Moulton (correspondence), National Governors’ Conferences (1969), national political problems, New England Governors’ Conference, J. T. Newland (Press Secretary), newsletter, ombudsmen, Passenger Tramway Board, and Republican Governors’ Association. 1969 - 1969
F-05010 1969 (bulk): Republican Governors’ Conference, retrenchment policy, speeches (1968 - 1969), state governors, technical services (Vermont’s program). 1969 - 1970: abortion, administration (major needs), Office of Aging, agriculture, alcohol studies, Apollo (NASA), architects, barber licensing and examination, budget requests, Caverly Child Health Center, children and youth, Clerk of U.S. District Court, Congressional delegation, Cosmetology Board crime control, Disaster Feed and Grain Program, District Director of Internal Revenue, drug abuse, economic indicators, education, state aid f r education, embalmers, emergency preparation, employees (classified), employment security, Board of Engineers Registration, environmental control, Educational Television (ETV), federal court and revenue officers, federal outlays, food stamp program, state finance, forests and parks, fuel oil, Governors’ Conferences, gun control, health planning, housing, housing code, human rights, human services, hydroelectric, International Paper Co., internships, kindergarten, labor relations, law and order, mental health, nuclear power, State Board of Nursing, Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), outdoor advertising, Board of Pharmacy, parole board case, State Police, political activity (employees), pollution abatement, President and Vice President, public safety, Racing Commission, Railroads (St. Johnsbury and Lamoille), Real Estate Board, registration and licensing, reorganization, Representative o Congress, Secretary of State, security (National Guard Armories), State Senators, UVM Shakespeare Festival, snowmobiles, Soldiers’ Home, speeches and releases, state aid to private schools, Windham County State’s Attorney, State Treasurer, student assistance grants, student dissent, federal and state taxation, unemployment insurance, University of Vermont, veterans’ bonus, status of women, applications, appointments (in state), appointments (out of state), and boards and commissions. 1968 - 1970
F-05011 1969 - 1970: Camel’s Hump, chairmanships (appointments by letter), child care (community coordinated), Commissioner of Education, Constitutional Commission (proposed legislation), Crime Commission, Windsor County District Court Judge, Emergency Board, Environmental Board, environmental control, Environmental legislation, extradition, Green Mountain Race Track, housing codes, juvenile delinquency, drafting legislation, proposed legislation, salary legislation, legislative record, licensing record, licensing and registration, model cities, news releases, parochial schools, Fair Haven District Probate Judge, protests (mainly Cambodian War), public safety, Racing Commission, resignations, resumes, reorganization, sales tax, Orange County Senator, social welfare, Bennington County State’s Attorney, Windham County State’s Attorney, statutory boar s and commissions, student affairs, taxation and status of women. 1969 - 1970
F-05012 1969 - 1970 (bulk): Adjutant General, Brandon, Camel’s Hump, Caverly, Fiscal Committee, Fish and Game, Forests and Parks, Health Department, Highway Board, Highway Department, highway problems, The House, House officials, Human Resources Bill, issues of 1968 - 1969, Labor and Industry, possible legislation, Legislative Council, Legislators, Liquor Control, Mental Health, 4ilitary Department, Motor Vehicle Department, Public Safety, Pubic Safety (civil defense), Selective Service, U. S. Senators, State Hospital, Supreme Court, U. S. Judges, University of Vermont, Welfare and the Vermont Association for the Crippled. 1969 - 1970
F-05013 1970 - 1971: correspondence; education; environment; Executive Orders; Executive records (transfers); Executive records (transfers between States); Executive records (remittances); extraditions; fuel crisis; Green Mountain Race Track; grants an leases; health, education and welfare; legislative programs; license plates; mercury poisoning; conditional pardons; full and unconditional pardons; press releases; reorganization; Social Security; Student Recess or Election; Transportation Coordinating Committee; Vernon plant; and voting by eighteen-year¬ olds (opinion by Attorney General). 1970 - 1971
F-05014 1971 - 1972: Boards and commissions, cabinet meetings, Commissioner of Taxes, Defender General, Development and Community Affairs, Environmental Commission, full -time positions (applications), grants and leases, Legal Aid, machine tool industry, Office of Economic Opportunity, pardon requests, Public Service Board appointments, and Secretary of State. 1971 - 1972
F-05015 1971 - 1972: Judicial appointments; appointments, judges; appointments, assistant judges; appointments, sheriffs; appointments, State’s Attorneys; correspondence; drugs; education ; Emergency Board; Family Assistance Plan for Vermont; Deputy Fire Marshal; Highway Board; Intergovernmental Relations, New England Conference; Legal Aid; legal council; legislative leadership; opinion, ballot insertion; opinion, Environmental Board; opinion, lung appointed vacancies; pardons and paroles; personnel, merit system prayer in school; press releases; school districts, transportation; speeches ; State’s Attorneys; Deputy State’s Attorney; Whey Project; and Workmen’s Compensation. 1971 - 1972
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