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Series: PRA-074
Agency/Dept.: Vermont. Dept. of Education.
Series Title: Commissioner of Education records, 1934-1965.
CONTAINER ID Description of Contents Date Range
PRA-00389 Contains information on Special Education Project, including Administration Bill under H.R. 4970 (purpose for financial assistance for public elementary and secondary schools), 1961; on Regional Drive, In Conference, 1959 - 1962, including Northern New England Conference on Community School Administration, report of the Conference, general correspondence and sample brochure; on Supervision of Schools, 1952 - 1959, including Commission report on school supervision with additional information furnished by the Department of Education; on Conference on Education of Supervision and School and School Administration, 1962 - 1965, including correspondence, programs of the various conferences and progress reports; on Instructional Policies Committee, 1964 - 1965, including progress reports, regulations and policies of programs in question; on Residence Cases, 1951 - 1958, including correspondence pertaining to the problem of providing residence for school purposes; and on Tuition Cases, 1948 - 1958, including an Appeal to the State Board to determine payment of tuition. 1948 - 1962
PRA-00390 Contains information on Vermont Future, a publication in response to a request made at Operation Listen, including information about schools, 1960; on Vocational Rehabilitation, 1959 - 1960, including progress report of educational program in Vermont, Vermont State Hospital, and correspondence; on Americanism, 1950 - 1959, including correspondence and publications pertaining to the problem of un-American activities in the teaching profession; on the Helen Buxton Henderson Scholarship Fund, 1934 - 1945, including a copy of the will, which provided for a fund to be used for vocational education for poor students of Middletown Springs, correspondence on the problem of administration; on Operation Listen, 1956 - 1960, including a meeting of the members of the Board of Education with local residents to exchange views on matters of State policy in education, correspondence, published reports and reports of meetings; on Education Alert, 1962, similar to Operation Listen, but provided more time to be given by one or more Board members; and on a Professional Activities Report, 1957 - 1964, including the number of visits by principals to teachers in classrooms and later in conference. 1934 - 1964
PRA-00461 Contains Provenance to the Board of Education, 1960 - 1965; speeches of Professor Holden, 1957 - 1958, 1962, and 1964 - 1965; and Bulletins of the Commissioner, 1962 - 1965. 1957 - 1965
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