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Series: PRA-057
Agency/Dept.: Vermont. Office of Auditor of Accounts.
Series Title: Audit reports, 1924-1963.
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PRA-00238 State Agencies: Institutions. Includes Brandon Training School, 1955 - 1962; Rutland Colony, 1955; Brandon State School and Rutland Colony, 1937 - 1955; Washington County Sanitorium; Vermont Institutional Industries, Prison Division; Department of Institutions, Probation and Parole Division; Vermont State Prison and House of Correction; Military Department, 172nd Infantry Memorial Fund; Soldiers’ Home; Women’s Reformatory; Weeks School; Vermont Sanitorium; and the Vermont State Hospital. 1937 - 1962
PRA-00239 State Agencies: Social Welfare and Blind Artisans, Inc., including Public Welfare and Old Age Assistance Department. Conservation of Health and Sanitation, including the Department of Health. Development and Conservation of Natural Resources, including Vermont Life Magazine, Vermont Development Commission, Special Education, Department of Natural Resources (Publicity Division), Department of Agriculture, and Department of Forests and Parks. Protection to Persons and Property, including Military Department, Department of Public Safety, Department of Industrial Relations, and the Department of Banking and Finance. General Government, including Treasurer and Auditor, Tax Department and Commissioner of Taxes, Secretary of State, Vermont State Library, Department of Highways, and Sergeant - at - Arms (Survey of Supplies). 1924 - 1959
PRA-00240 State Agencies: Teachers’ Colleges, including Castleton Teachers’ College, Johnson Teachers’ College, and Lyndon Teachers’ College. Miscellaneous Education Agencies, including State Teachers’ Retirement System of Vermont, State Aid for Education Grants, St. Michael’s College (1940), University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, State Surplus Property Agency, Vocational Rehabilitation Division, Arts and Crafts Division, and Special Education Division. Liquor Control, including the Department of Liquor Control, 1935 - 1963. Vermont School of Agriculture, Motor Vehicle Department and Highway. 1935 - 1963
PRA-00241 State Agencies: Boards and Commissions. Includes Public Accounting Registration Commission, Registration of Architects, Barber Licensing and Examination, Chiropractic Examination and Registration, Board of Cosmetology, Board of Dental Examiners, Board of Embalmers, Board of Professional Engineers, Board of Medical Registration, Board of Registration of Nurses, Board of Optometry, Board of Osteopathic Registration and Examination, Board of Pharmacy, Board of Physical Therapy Registration, Plumbers’ Examining Board, Vermont Real Estate Commission, and Board of Veterinary Registration and Examination. 1924 - 1963
PRA-00242 Audit reports of towns, Addison - Dorset. 1924 - 1959
PRA-00243 Audit reports of towns, Dover - Montgomery. 1924 - 1959
PRA-00244 Audit reports of towns, Montpelier - Sandgate. 1924 - 1959
PRA-00245 Audit reports of towns, Shaftsbury - Westmore. 1924 - 1959
PRA-00246 Audit reports of towns, Weston - Worcester. 1924 - 1959
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