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Series: PRA-044
Agency/Dept.: Vermont. Dept. of Highways.
Series Title: Town and municipal forest maps, 1915-1933.
CONTAINER ID Description of Contents Date Range
PRA-00184 One portfolio contains maps of town and municipal forests 1931 - 1933 : Bellows Falls, Essex Junction, Proctor and Montpelier. Four other portfolios contain maps dating back to 1915 of forest parks: George Aiken, Ascutney, Arlington, Ainsworth, Bellevue, Bromley, Bissell Tract, Calvin Coolidge (Ingalls’ Block), Coolidge (Tinker Brook), Coolidge (Pinney Hollow), Camel’s Hump, Darling, Downer, Downer Annex, Elmore, Granville, Gifford Woods, Groton, Jones, Lyndon, Ludlow, Mansfield, Mt. Philo, Okemo, Proctor Piper, Putnam, Roxbury, St. Albans, Thetford Hill, Townshend, West Rutland, Wilgus, Willoughby and Williams River. 1915 - 1933
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