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Series: A-098
Agency/Dept.: Vermont. Dept. of Education.
Series Title: Department of Education records, 1947-1987.
CONTAINER ID Description of Contents Date Range
A098-00001 Vermont History Textbook; School Facilities Study; Senator Aiken Correspondence; Elementary and Secondary Education Act; Dresden Interstate School District; Education Advisory Council; Governor's Committee on Education Building Facilities; Representative Mallary Correspondence, 1947 - 1987. 1947 - 1987
A098-00002 Middlesex Demonstration School; Special Commission on Public School Governance; Teacher In-Service Renewal Sites; New England Interstate 505 Project, 1969 - 1987. 1969 - 1987
A098-00003 Index of school buildings and facilities arranged by county and then by town, undated. 0 - 0
A098-00004 Photographs: group shots of teachers ca. 1912; photos of school houses, ca. 1966. 1912 - 1966
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