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  • Vermont. Department of Highways
    Aerial photographs, 1952 - 1967.
    Series ID: HG-002 (Click for Index) Location: State Archives
    Extent: 28.5 cubic feet. Access: Open
    Scope: Series consists of aerial photographs, negatives, and indices for many flight series undertaken during development of the interstate highway system in Vermont. Flight series 623 of 1952 outlines the proposed Route I-91 from Putney to White River Junction. Flight series 742 of 1955 covers the proposed I-91 from Bellows Falls to Ryegate and proposed I-89 from Montpelier north. Flight series 56-110 of 1956 outlines proposed I-89 and I-91 throughout the state. Flight series 56-117 of 1956 covers proposed work done in Barre, Berlin, and Williamstown and flight series 56-133 of 1956 shows proposed I-89 and I-91 throughout the state, as well as the proposed Route 7. Flight series 56-134 outlines proposed I-91 throughout the state. The various 58-116 flight series of 1958 cover proposed US routes 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 30, 100, 103, 105, 110, 346, I-89, I-91, and I-93. Flight series 61-I-89 of 1961 outlines proposed work on I-89, and 61-I-91 of 1961 does the same for I-91. The VT-62 high-altitude and low-altitude project of 1962 covers the development of I-89 throughout the entire state. Photos from VT-62-H were shot with a focal length of 6 inches and a scale of 1:18.000. Photos from VT-62-L were shot with a focal length of 6 inches and a scale of 1:6,000, and the photos are organized alphabetically by town, with photos from different flight strips in each town. Indices are available for VT-62-H. Flight series 1013 of 1966 covers just the Bennington area. Finally, flight series 1050 of 1967 outlines I-89 from Waterbury to the Canadian border and I-91 from Springfield to Wilder.
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