Archival Records

The Archival Records Database is an index to records in the Vermont State Archives. The records are organized based on the agency or department that created or received the records, and by record series. Record series are file groups of related records that were created, received, or used in the same activity or function, pertain to a particular subject, or share a common form. They typically reflect the filing system used by an agency, department or court.

Note: Series are identified in the database by their creator, such as Agency of Transportation or Department of Education, and series title, such as meeting minutes or hearings. Series descriptions, also known as scope statements, may also be searched. All fields use pattern searching, meaning that partial names or words may be used. To expand results, limit search terms to one field. To limit results, enter search terms in two or more fields using the advanced search form.


This page was last updated: 2014-08-01