State Records Officers

"Records Officer" is a title defined in Vermont law for the person responsible for an agency's or department's records management program. The title "Records Officer" is not to be confused with the term or phrase "Public Records Officer" used by some agencies and departments for state employees performing non-records management functions.  

Pursuant to 3 V.S.A. § 218(d) (Agency/Department Records Management Program), the head of each State agency or department "shall designate a member of his or her staff as the records officer for his or her agency or department, and shall notify the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration in writing of the name and title of the person designated, and shall post the name and contact information of the person on the agency or department website, if one exists."

Although 3 V.S.A. § 218 applies specifically to executive agencies and departments in state government, constitutional officers and legislative and judicial bodies also designate records officers as a best practice for their records management programs. A records officer designated under 3 V.S.A. 218 may also be designated under 1 V.S.A. § 318 (Access To Public Records) to be accountable for overseeing the processing of requests for public records received by the Agency or the Department.

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Agency/Department Records Management Programs

Under state law, the head of each State agency and department is also responsible for maintaining an active and continuing records management program approved by the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration.

Approval comes through an agency or department's collaboration with VSARA's records and information management (RIM) specialists to meet state recordkeeping requirements enacted under Act 96 of 2008 and related strategic plans, including the 2006 Preliminary Strategic Plan for Executive Branch Records and the 2012 Act 59 Legislative Report

Compliance with 3 V.S.A. § 218 and related laws has a direct correlation with an agency or department's ability to assure the needs of Vermonters dependent on their services are being met in the most efficient and effective way possible. Performance is largely based on an agency or department's capabilities to govern its records and information in a disciplined, coordinated and measurable manner through a combination of people, processes and infrastructure.

Program Status Report as of September 3, 2019. Agencies engaged in VSARA's Targeted Assistance Program (TAP) are actively developing their internal records management policies with assistance from VSARA RIM Specialists.



Date of Most Recent Agency-Specific Record Schedule
Notice of GRS Adoption on File Requisite Internal Policy for GRS Use on File Information Governance (IG) Maturity
Administration, Agency of 1995 Yes No Level 1
Buildings and General Services, Dept. of 1999 Yes No Level 1
Finance and Management, Dept. of 2002 Yes In TAP Level 1
Human Resources, Dept. of 2001 Yes Yes Level 1
Libraries, Dept. of 1996 No n/a Level 1
Taxes, Dept. of 2015 Yes Yes Level 3
Agriculture, Food and Markets, Agency of 1997 Yes Yes; In TAP Level 1
Commerce and Community Development, Agency of 1999 Yes Yes Level 1
Economic Development, Dept. of 2011 Yes No Level 2
Historic Preservation, Div. for 2010 Yes No Level 2
Housing and Community Development, Dept. of 2011 Yes No Level 2
Tourism and Marketing, Dept. of n/a Yes No Level 1
Vermont Center for Geographic Information 1998 Yes No Level 1
Vermont Life 2010 Yes No Level 2
Digital Services, Agency of 1984 Yes No Level 1
Education, Agency of 2013 Yes Yes Level 2
Financial Regulation, Dept. of 2004 Yes Yes Level 2
Human Services, Agency of 1997 Yes In TAP Level 2
Aging and Independent Living, Dept. of 2002 Yes In TAP Level 2
Central Office 1997 Yes No Level 1
Children and Families, Dept. for 2010 Yes Yes; In TAP Level 2
Corrections, Dept. of 1998 Yes In TAP Level 1
Health, Dept. of 2004 Yes In TAP Level 2
Mental Health, Dept of.  2011 Yes In TAP Level 2
Vermont Health Access, Dept. of None Yes Yes; In TAP Level 1
Vermont State Hospital 2011 Yes In TAP Level 2
Labor, Dept. of 1997 No n/a Level 1
Liquor Control, Dept. of 2011 Yes Yes Level 2
Lottery Commission 2004 Yes Yes Level 1
Military, Dept. of 1970 Yes Yes Level 1
Natural Resources, Agency of None  Yes Yes Level 1
Environmental Conservation, Dept. of 2012 Yes Yes Level 1
Fish and Wildlife, Dept. of 2003 Yes Yes Level 1
Forests, Parks and Recreation, Dept. of 1997 Yes Yes Level 1
Public Safety, Dept. of 2001 Yes Yes; In TAP Level 1
Public Service, Dept. of 2003 Yes Yes Level 1
State Attorneys and Sheriffs, Dept. of 2013 Yes No Level 2
Transportation, Agency of 2002 Yes Yes Level 1
Motor Vehicles, Dept. of 1999 Yes Yes Level 1


Please see the State Phone Directory for the most up-to-date contact information. 


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