VCLAS Thesaurus

Controlled Vocabularies: Building a Statewide Records Thesaurus

Government records and information are easier to manage and retrieve with controlled vocabularies. Controlled vocabularies are lists or databases of words and phrases recommended for conveying concepts and describing objects in a consistent and systematic manner. The statewide thesaurus was originally initiated for managing and providing access to archival records in the custody of the State Archives.

The scope and purpose of the thesaurus was expanded under Section 5 of Act No. 71 (2005), which charged the secretary of administration and the state archivist “to jointly develop a comprehensive strategy for the management of all records created by state agencies.” Shortly after the issuance of this Preliminary Strategic Plan, records management authorities were transferred to the newly established Vermont State Archives and Records Administration and the thesaurus was adapted for records analysis and record scheduling activities. 

Records Thesaurus:

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