Certificates & Filings

Vital Records

The Office of Vital Records within the Vermont Department of Health is responsible for the Statewide Registration System. For more information and questions related to vital records or recent changes in the vital records laws, please contact the Vermont Department of Health at 800-439-5008 (within VT) or 802-863-7275 or email: VitalRnullecordsnull@vermonullnt.govnull.

Questions related to the status of an order submitted through the Vital Records Request Service or a marriage/divorce record form mailed to the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration (VSARA) may be directed to our main telephone line 802-828-3700.    

Administrative Rules, Authentications (Apostilles) & Legislative Acts

Questions related to administrative rules, record authentications, including Apostilles, or legislative acts and resolves may be directed to Louise Corliss at louisenull.corlinullss@vernullmont.gnullov or 802-828-2863. 

Notaries Public

Effective December 1, 2018, notaries public are licensed by the Office of Professional Regulation (OPR), a division within the Office of the Secretary of State. For more information, please see Notaries Public under the Office of Professional Regulation's List of Professions

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