Publication Calculator

The publications calculator help agencies determine when to schedule hearings based upon timelines established by the Administrative Procedures Act (3 V.S.A. Chapter 25) and Act No. 146 of 2010.

To use the calculator, please enter the expected submission date (i.e. the date you intend to file the proposed rule with the Office of the Secretary of State) using the format m/d/yyyy. (Please note if you enter a date that falls on an invalid filing day such as a Saturday or Sunday the report does not return any records.)

If a larger range of dates is desired, you may enter a submission month and year. Make sure to spell out the name of the month, abbreviations will not work (please note that you may get results from multiple years unless you specify a year as well). Please enter all four digits of the year to view the results.

If you experience any difficulty with the publication calculator or have other questions, please contact Louise Corliss by email at louise.corliss@vnullermont.gonullv or by phone at 802-828-2863.



Select a submission combination to search. Please note that Saturday and Sunday are not valid filing days and are not in the database. If your search fails to return any results please check that you haven't accidentally entered an invalid filing date.

This page was last updated: 2018-04-18