Vital Results Standards for
Lesson 4
Theme: Glossary of Election Terms

State Vital Results Standards to which this lesson relates:


1.1 Students use a variety of strategies to help them read. This is evident when students use a combination of strategies including:
1.1.m. Using knowledge of word structure to extend vocabulary

Civic and Social Responsibility

4.2 Students participate in democratic processes. This is evident when students:
4.2.a. Work cooperatively and respectfully with people of various groups to set community goals and solve common problems.
4.3 Students demonstrate understanding of the cultural expressions that are characteristic of particular groups.

History and Social Sciences

6.10 Students compare and evaluate the philosophical underpinnings and the workings of different types of governments, including constitutional governments, in various times in their local community, in Vermont, in the United States, and in various locations world wide. This is evident when students: Identify and describe the basic features of the political system in the United States, the three branches of government, and identify representative leaders from various levels of government and the role of the branches within those governments.

Science, Mathematics and Technology
7.1 Students use scientific methods to describe, investigate, and explain phenomena and raise questions in order to:
Make and communicate conclusions, generating new questions raised by observations and readings.
7.1.ii. Work individually and in teams to collect, share, and present information and ideas.