Vermont Votes for Kids: A project of the Vermont Secretary of State

Curriculum Grades 9-12, Teacher Materials for Lesson 4:
I Want to Register, Now What?


Student Lesson Four is designed for several different purposes:

  1. To make the students comfortable with the voter registration process and the options available for voting;
  2. To familiarize students with the wealth of assistance and information available to them for both voter registration and voting;
  3. To bring students into contact with the procedures they will use;
  4. To increase the likelihood that at age 18 the students will choose to exercise their elective franchise, the right and power to vote.


The Student Lesson is formed as a self-guided tutorial search through the voter registration procedure. You will need to give a copy of Student Lesson "I WANT TO REGISTER; NOW WHAT?" to each student. The students are directed to find the accompanying voter registration form for this activity (

You have the option of downloading and printing a hard copy of the voter application form for each student ahead of time. you will find a printable version at It is desirable that students navigate the web to find the form at so they become comfortable with the process.

You must decide if this lesson is to be done solo or in tandem with other students. The optimum for self-tutorials of this nature is probably two students working in collaboration with each other. Direct the students to write their answers on the lesson pages as they proceed through the questions.

Regarding question #4: for more information on the definition of who is a resident, one can go to This page also addresses questions about registering and voting.


You might consider asking students to correct their own papers first without this key to determine how well they learned the material.

  1. 1-800-439-VOTE
  2. Elections Hotline
  3. C) phone, D) email, or E) web site
  4. YES
  5. NO
  6. A) United States, B) your town in Vermont
  7. a person who is domiciled in the town as evidenced by an intent to maintain a principal dwelling place in the town indefinitely and to return there if temporarily absent, coupled with an act or acts consistent with that intent.
  8. A
  9. 18
  10. Ensure that you reside in the town; which voting district you live in
  11. 5:00 PM the day before the election
  12. by 12:00 noon on the second Monday before the day of the election.
  13. A) Make a new Application for Addition to the Checklist of your new town, B) notify the Town Clerk immediately.
  14. notify the Town Clerk immediately.
  15. B
  16. 30 days before the primary or general election and 20 days prior to a municipal election that uses the Australian Ballot.
  17. A
  18. E
  19. Early voter absentee ballots must be returned to the Town Clerk’s office before the close of the office on the day before the election OR to the polling place before 7:00 p.m. on the day of the election in order to be counted in the election.
  20. Yes.
  21. The answer depends on which town the student lives in.
  22. Town Clerk
You might wish to offer a special incentive or prize for those who achieve the status of "Let Freedom Ring-Vote!" in this activity. Maybe you could create a certificate that affirms their success, such as "Honorary Citizen-Voter."

Vermont Secretary of State Deb Markowitz: