Vital Results Standards for
Lesson 5
Theme: Voting Makes a Better Society

State Vital Results Standards to which this lesson relates:


1.4 Students comprehend and respond to a range of media, images, and text (e.g., poetry, narrative, information, technical) for a variety of purposes (e.g., reading for pleasure as well as reading to develop understanding and expertise). This is evident when students:
1.4.c. Read primary and secondary sources;

Reasoning and Problem Solving
Problem Solving Process

2.2 Students use reasoning strategies, knowledge, and common sense to solve complex problems related to all fields of knowledge. This is evident when students:
2.2.f. Implement an approach that addresses the problem being posed; and
2.2.aa. Seek information from reliable sources, including knowledge, observation, and trying things out Select and apply appropriate methods, tools and strategies.

Civic and Social Responsibility
Democratic processes

4.2 Students participate in democratic processes. This is evident when students:
4.2.a. Work cooperatively and respectfully with people of various groups to ... solve common problems.