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Vermont Books Book ReviewsAuthor InterviewDorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Natalie Kinsey-Warnoc

An interview with author Natalie Kinsey-Warnock by Taylor Savas and Carly Stine of Central School in South Burlington; Bobbe Pennington's class
Hello! Our names are Carly and Taylor. We were given the privilege by our fifth-grade teacher to have our own personal interview with the one and only Vermont author Natalie Kinsey-Warnock.

As we asked our questions, Natalie answered them all with a big smile on her face and wonderful answers. It was amazing to listen to her words and unbelievable stories that just grasped you into her remarkable life.

When Natalie was growing up, most people knew her as an artist rather than a writer. This energetic woman had big dreams when she was younger. She wanted to be a vet. Did she succeed? Yes, in a way she did. Now Kinsey-Warnock has nine dogs that she has rescued from abusive or dangerous situations. She also has horses and cats, including one black cat who also has big dreams. He wants to be just like one of the dogs!

When we asked Natalie whether her books related to her life, the answer was flat out, "Yes." Natalie said that most of her books are old family stories that had never been told. This animal rescuer thought that was wrong, so she went story shopping and came home with her bags full! Now Natalie has over 13 books published, most having to do with someone or something in her family. By the way, she does her writing drafts by hand, usually writing in a lovely field behind her home in Barton, Vt. Stay tuned! More of her books are scheduled to be published soon. If you are interested in knowing more about her books, our class has reviewed a number of them on this same web site.

Thanks, Natalie. Keep on writing!

Katherine Paterson

An interview with author Katherine Paterson by Emily Seddon- Montpelier High School Student
July 2003

Photo of Katherine PatersonWhen I was first asked to interview Katherine Paterson for an item in the reading corner of the Kid's Page I was slightly nervous. The thought of speaking to an author whose books I had admired as a kid was astounding. As I did some research I learned that Ms. Paterson was an amazing woman far beyond her writing skills. She had grown up in China because her parents worked as missionaries there. She would have returned to China, as a missionary, had it not been closed off to Americans during the late 1950s. I began to realize that Ms. Paterson would have a very different perspective on life, as a result I became very excited about having the opportunity to speak with her. On the phone Ms. Paterson was a wonderful person to talk to, and was very thorough in answering all of my questions. This project was a lot of fun to complete.

What made you decide to move to Vermont? How has it influenced your writing?

Katherine Paterson moved to Vermont in 1986 because of her husband’s work as a preacher; they ended up staying because they loved it. Since then, she has written three easy-reads about dairy farms and 3 Vermont history novels.
Which of your works do you feel most connected to, or is your favorite, and why?
She has a different relationship with each book she writes; however she admits some books are more fun to write than others are.

How has growing up in China influenced your writing aside from the setting of many of your novels?
It made her a foreigner. It made her an outsider, who was looking in, which is a good perspective to have as a writer.
What do your children think of your career?

Her children have always been very supportive of her writing career, partly because they have never known her as anything but a writer. Her children helped make her a success, and they will take full responsibility.
What advice do you have for kids who want to become writers?

Read a wide variety of books in order to absorb the structure. It will also help you to decide what type of writer you would like to become.

For more information about Katherine Paterson see her website:
Thank you to Katherine Paterson and Emily Seddon!

If you would like to interview a Vermont author for the Reader's Corner please email us!



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