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Grace Greene's Pick
BOOK COVER: Hero of Ticonderoga

Understood Betsy
by Dorothy Canfield Fisher Holt
Published in 1917, Reprinted 1999 by Henry Holt & Company, Incorporated

This book is about:
Elizabeth Ann has been cared for and loved by two over-protective aunts in the city since she was orphaned at an early age. When she was nine, her aunts were no longer able to take care of her, so she was shipped to Vermont to live with "those horrid Putney cousins." Can you imagine? They kept pets in the house, and made Elizabeth Ann, who had always been pampered, do chores! Elizabeth Ann soon learns the joys of living in the country, makes friends, has a great time at school, and turns into Betsy, an independent, useful, fun loving child.

Although this was written before your grandparents were born (or maybe even your great grandparents!), this is still a favorite today. It is a great family read aloud, or can be read independently by kids in grades 4-7. Not to be missed!

More reviews by Grace Greene:
BOOK COVER: Vermont Ghost Guide

Where Does Joe Go?
Written by Tracey Campbell Pearson
Illustrated by Stephen Bissette
Published in 1999 by Farrar

This book is about:
In the spring, Joe comes back to town, cleans up his snack bar, and opens for the season. Everyone enjoys his creemees, hotdogs and fries all through the summer, but then in the fall, Joe disappears yet again. All winter long, everyone wonders where he goes. "He’s gone to the moon," cried tiny June. "Or maybe the beach," said old Mr. Leach. Joe refuses to tell anyone, but the mystery is revealed to the reader at the very end, as Joe, dressed in red and white, feeds a creemee to each of two reindeer.

Full of amusing details and pictures of creemees in the most unlikely places, this is a book that kids, pre-school-grade 2, love to pore over. And, you can visit the snack bar that inspired this book in Jericho, Vermont!



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