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Sea monsters in Vermont

Can you believe it?Cartoon of ChampPeople actually think they’ve seen sea monsters in Vermont's lakes.

These mysterious sea monsters are believed to live in Lakes Champlain and Memphremagog.

Lake Champlain:
The creature that people say lives in Lake Champlain is named "Champ." It looks like a giant snake and is supposed to be 20 feet long. The Abenaki Tribes called this sea monster "Tatoskok."

In 1609, in the midst of fighting the Iroquois Indians in New York, a French explorer by the name of Samuel de Champlain stumbled upon Lake Champlain. He also claimed to have seen the giant serpent.

There are over 130 reports of Champ sightings since 1982.

For more information on Champ visit

Lake Memphremagog:
The other sea monster of Vermont is called "Memphre." It lives in Lake Memphremagog which is located at the border of Vermont and Canada. Not much is known about this mysterious sea serpent, but more than 200 sightings of Memphre have been reported in the last 150 years.

For more information on Mempre visit



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