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Democracy in Action - Newspapers in Education

Answer this week's DIA survey question below!
We are pleased to present the 2010 Democracy In Action (DIA) Newspaper in Education pages for students, teachers and parents to view.  The DIA series is designed to enhance the Vermont Votes For Kids civics curriculum by further exploring topics such as hot election issues, political campaigns, and the history of voting rights and polling. 

The DIA pages are available in two formats this year:

  • Look for the Democracy In Action Series in your local newspaper!  The pages will be in print in a number of local newspapers in the state once a week for five weeks beginning Wednesday, September 29th, 2010.  If you would like to order copies of the series for your school please contact your area newspaper.  Click here for the list of participating newspapers.

  • The other format will be published electronically through the Burlington Free Press E-Edition Newspapers in Education which syncs with Smart Boards. To sign up for the E-Edition, visit  For more information about the Burlington Free Press Newspapers in Education program, visit

2010 Democracy in Action Pages

Week 1: Who Can Vote?  (September 29 - October 5)
Ask the Reader Survey: 
Should non-citizens be allowed to vote?
Vote Here!

Week 2: The Power to Participate (October 6 -12)
Ask the Reader Survey: 
Since the youth voter turnout is so low, should the voting age be raised?
Vote Here!

Week 3: Explore Candidates and Campaigns (October 13-19)
Ask the Reader Survey: 
Should candidates be allowed to use negative ads when campaigning?
Vote Here!

Week 4: People Who Make a Difference (October 20-26)
Ask the Reader Survey: 
Should community service be a high school graduation requirement? 
Vote Here!

Week 5:  Hot Election Issues  (October 28 - November 4)
There is no reader survey question this week.

2010 Newspaper Contact Information

Addison County Independent

Burlington Free Press
Cheryl Thibeault - (802) 651-4825

Caledonian Record
Rosie Chaloux - 1-800-523-6397

Newport Daily Express
(802) 334-6568

St. Albans Messenger
Gary Rutkowski - (802) 524-9771

Valley News
Bob Mathewson - (603) 298-8711





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