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All winning entries and honorable mentions are posted below, which include posters, essays, powerpoints and a youtube video.  All the winning posters are on display at the Secretary of State's Office, 26 Terrace Street, Montpelier.

Check back after May 23rd to view news coverage of the event!

Grades K-2
Grades 3-5
Grades 6-8

To view past winning entries click here:  2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002

K-2 Winners

Class Winner

Waitsfield Elementary School
Teacher: Tom Young

Angela Bywaters


Individual Winner

Lily Welch- Grade 1
Thetford Elementary School
Teacher: Kevin Petrone


Honorable Mentions (4)

Emily Kenyon, bellcate School, Essex Junction

Cynthia Sheeran, Essex Elementary, Essex Junction

Toni Turner, Bethel Elementary, Bethel

Rui Huang, Randolph Elementary, Randolph



Grades 3-5 Posters Contest on a Vermont History Theme:

Class Winner
Robinson Elementary, Starksboro
Teacher: Beth Hahr

Individual Winner
Ian Carpenter- 3rd Grade
BFA Fairfax Elementary School, Fairfax

Honorable Mentions

Gabrielle Ochs, Grade 5 - Orwell Village School, Orwell

Rachele Reicken, Grade 4 - Castleton Elementary School, Castleton

Abbygale Karlen, Grade 4 - Brownington Central School, Brownington

Grades 6 to 8 Essays

The Essay Topic:
The Vermont Constitution lists civic virtues in Chapter 1, Article 18: justice (fairness), moderation (not being too extreme), temperance (self control), industry (hard work), and frugality (being careful with money). Think about these qualities and decide which one, above all others, is the most important for Vermonters to aspire to and why. Give examples that illustrate your choice - either from Vermont history or a current Vermont issue.

First Prize
Maggie McCaffrey- 8th Grade
U32 Middle School, East Montpelier

Vermont Constitution Civic Virtue: Temperance (Powerpoint Presentation)

 Honorable Mentions

Hannah McKay, 8th Grade U32 Middle School, East Montpelier - Temperance(Essay)

T. J. Beaumier, 8th Grade Avalon Triumvirate School (PowerPoint Presentation)

Asher Lehrer-Small, 8th Grade Brown's River School, Jericho - Moderation (Essay)

Kelsey Parker, 7th Grade Dummerston School, East Dummerston - Industry (You Tube)

Sarah Henderson, 6th Grade, Good Shepherd Catholic School-St. Johnsbury-Industry (Essay)




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