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A selection of posters are available below.  All the winning posters are on display at the Secretary of State's Office, 26 Terrace Street, Montpelier.

Check back after May 23rd to view news coverage of the event!

Grades K-2
Grades 3-5
Grades 6-8
Grades 9-12

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K-2 Winners

Class Winner

Waitsfield Elementary School
Teacher: Tom Young

Angela Bywaters


Individual Winner

Lily Welch- Grade 1
Thetford Elementary School
Teacher: Kevin Petrone


Honorable Mentions (4)

Emily Kenyon, Bellcate

Cynthia Sheeran, Essex Elementary

Toni Turner, Bethel Elementary

Rui Huang, Randolph Elementary



Grades 6 to 8 Essay

Alex Crompton, Sherburne Elementary

Vermont Constitution 

            Imagine this; your candidate for governor takes bribes from a company that is polluting Lake Champlain. If he took the bribe then Lake Champlain would be polluted because he (the governor) has the power to pollute what he wants. This is why we came up with the law, any elector who shall receive any gift or reward for the electors vote� shall forfeit the right to elect at that time. That means if you accept a bribe, you must forfeit, and you cannot become an elected official or candidate. Also, if a voter gets a reward from a candidate, they are not allowed to vote because no one would be getting a true vote. This law is important because, say someone said, give my family a tax break if you get elected and I�ll give you a car, then he won�t be able to be a candidate� and the other people who are running are playing fairly.

            �All elections whether by the people or the Legislature, shall be free and voluntary.� This section of the constitution means if people had to pay to vote, only the wealthy could vote. This used to happen when people didn�t allow blacks the right to vote so it is important that it is free to vote. No one can force us to vote, and if they do, that violates our rights. This law is important because the purpose of our government is to take care of everyone and make sure everyone is free and has rights and to make FAIR laws for EVERYONE.

            If people made promises for money, we would not have fair laws. Laws are for everyone, not just people who give money to candidates. The purpose of government is to make sure all people�s rights are protected, and everyone has a voice in our government, so we need fair and honest people as our elected officials. This makes it so rich people do not have an advantage and candidates are not influenced or bribed by the money.

            We have one of the FAIREST governments in the world. Our government is fair because we have these laws, and if the laws weren�t here then the government would fall apart. This section of the constitution is a big part in our elections, so our elections are fair every candidate has to run with the same amount of money. That makes it so the rich can�t influence peoples vote because he has a lot of money. I think that this section in the constitution means the most in having a fair society.


Grades 9-12 Essay

Paige Malone, Burr and Burton Academy




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