Retention Time-Tables

All Retention Time-Tables and other compilations of dispositions orders issued by the former Public Records Division of the Department of Buildings and General Services (BGS) are now obsolete and must not be used by public agencies.


The Record Time-Tables for Municipalities are compilations of General Record Schedules and Municipal Specific Record Schedules. Time-Tables are developed in collaboration with municipalities through the Vermont Local Records Program and issued on a rolling basis. 

Time-Tables are organized by office. Within each office the Time-Table is broken into activities and listed alphabetically. The Municipalities (General) Time-Table lists records that are common across many different offices within local government.

MunicipalClerk's Office

Municipalities (General)

State Agencies

The “Retention Schedule for State Agencies” and other “Housekeeping Disposition Orders,” including those pertaining to VISION and “Non-Record Materal” have been superseded by General Record Schedules

This page was last updated: 2018-02-13