APA Forms

Forms for Submitting Administrative Rules

APA filing forms are provided by the Office of the Secretary of State for the express purpose of filing administrative rules governed by Title 3 V.S.A. Chapter 25. The forms are available for download in Microsoft Word format.  Please note that some fields have a maximum character length.

Please note that forms have been updated as of July 1, 2015.  Submissions using outdated forms will not be accepted.

Each rule filing requires specific forms, beginning with the appropriate cover sheet.

Adopted filings must include the Adopting Page; any other filings must include all these forms:

Additionally, some filings require one or both of these statement forms:

Forms are also available for download in sets for each type of filing (Proposed, Final Proposed, Adopted, and Emergency).  Please note that these sets include the Scientific Information Statement and the Incorporation by Reference Statement.  These are optional forms and may not apply to every rule situation.  Please remove them prior to filing if they do not apply to the rule being filed.

To help minimize the use of outdated forms, users should prepare filings on freshly downloaded forms rather than storing forms for future use. The Office of the Secretary of State may be unable to accept filings made on outdated forms.

This page was last updated: 2018-02-13